Podcast 255: Feels Like Summer – Available Now!

If you’re reveling in the newness of summer, this podcast is a celebration of that feeling. Whether you travel to new places, or try new crafts during the warmer months, summer is always a good time to try new things. In this episode of the Knit Picks podcast, we talk to Clara Parkes, author of Knitladia, about her adventures in yarn-based travel. We also speak with designers Joyce Fassbender and Stephannie Tallent about their history of knitting and designing, as well as their recent contributions to our collection, Joyful Lace.

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So if you’re out and about this summer, bring our podcast along!

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  1. Heather B / October 17, 2016

    Hello – I belatedly listened to this podcast a couple of weeks ago when I was on a long drive alone. It was great company on the road; it’s always fun to hear about some of the diverse, creative minds active in this wonderful world of knitting.
    I was surprised, however, that the host wasn’t familiar with JC Briar’s Stitch Maps! JC is exceptionally skilled at knitting, teaching about knitting, and writing about knitting. She also has an impressive background in software development, which allowed her to bring Stitch Maps into the world. She would be a great guest on a future podcast!