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Have you knit a garment you thought was unflattering or just didn’t fit correctly? Did you know what went wrong, or were you stumped? This episode aims to help you target key elements of fit. Alison Backus, Director of Knit Picks, explains ease and what it means in knitting. Amy Herzog talks about all elements of fit, from how to assess which shapes might flatter your body, to what pattern elements can be altered and which should remain untouched. Podcast listeners also describe their stories of knitting things that fit.
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Photo of Gina Lollobrigida knitting, via Pinterest.


  1. joyharmon / March 31, 2015

    Amy is so right about the shoulder measurement. If that’s wrong the neckline and armholes are also affected. You can alter the shoulders, but you then need to re-draft the neck and armholes, which is not something you want to attempt unless you understand pattern drafting. Depending on your shape, think of alterations in this order: waist alteration is easier than hips, hip alteration is easier than bust, bust is a must. Face forward, that’s the area that gets the most attention; alter it to the way you want to present yourself in the sweater you are making.

  2. MS / March 5, 2015

    Please indicate the colorways of the hawthorn yarns on the free calander, I like several but your website does not do the colorways justice,

    • admin / March 9, 2015

      Hello! In the desktop view, the Hawthorne colors from top to bottom (left to right) are as follows: Compass, Arbor Lodge, Buckman, Wisp, Poseidon and Happy Valley.