Podcast 240: Men Who Craft and Those Who Craft for Men: Listen NOW!

In this episode, we celebrate men and craft, and those of us who have dared to make things for the men in our lives. KnitPicks Graphic Designer Emily’s boyfriend Erik treasures a blanket from his grandmother:


and eagerly anticipates this cowl that Emily has almost completed for him:

photo 2

But the real drama is in some gloves that she made three years ago.

We hear from Geoff Hunnicut, about his history with knitting and his experiences as a designer. His Tuscan Sunflower Shawl was his first design ever:


KnitPicks Director Alison Backus has made many sweaters for her husband, Dan, as well as Nate, their 2 year-old son. We hear from them both!

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We also hear from Aaron, who works in the KnitPicks/CraftsAmericana IT department and loves to knit, as well as our first hotline call-in contributor, Diane. Her story of knitting with her nephew is really, really special.

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  1. Wendy Williams / July 2, 2014

    Let me say first, that I’m extremely grateful that you have continued the podcast. I know it must be a lot of work to produce and I’m thankful that you have continued.

    I have noticed the change as well. But I’ve also noticed improvements. As with any thing it takes time to adjust and learn and improve. Keep it up!

    I do appreciate the links to patterns and pictures of projects. It really makes a difference. I do hope that you’ll review products and books in the future.

    Keep up the good work. I really love Knit Picks.

  2. Sara / July 1, 2014

    I agree with the volume issue others have mentioned. And that ear piercing dog bark that was in a previous episode. I went home and discussed it with my husband who is a videographer creates online videos for businesses and he agreed that it should/ could have been edited out easily.

    I LOVE this podcast and will continue to listen faithfully but I do truly hope you will find a way to improve the sound. I am not saying the old podcast was perfect in sound either. There was a ton of volume fluctuations or times where Kelley would be interviewing someone and I could hear her clear as day and barely a whisper of the interviewee.

    On a positive note, I have really enjoyed how you have focused your new podcast format into a theme.

    Oh, lastly! I would also like more extensive show notes with links to patterns or books or people’s blogs/ websites.

    Thank you!

  3. Eliabeth / June 26, 2014

    I too must confess that I no longer enjoy listening to the podcasts. I guess I just miss Kelley’s cheery, chirpy voice which always kept my attention.
    I also miss the book reviews and have read (listened to )some of Kelley’s recommendations with much enjoyment.

  4. Pam Bjerke / June 25, 2014

    I too haven’t like the volume changes and the background noises. I also loved the book reviews that Kelly did.
    I did find the men who knit pod cast interesting and I have a question. I think that some of these things used to be covered in the notes about the pod casts and maybe I just can’t find them. You always listed patterns and books that were discussed. Alison and Dan were talking about sweaters that she made him – what were the names of the patterns. My husband is always complaining that he helps me take care of the sheep and he doesn’t even have a sweater!

    I’ve started a couple for him and then stopped. One had cables everywhere and it hurt my hands – although I do have a whole sleeve finished!

  5. George / June 25, 2014

    I’m afraid I have to echo Dawn’s disappointment in the quality of the Knitpicks Podcast since Kelley’s departure. I’m particularly saddened to miss this episode because I take great joy in hearing the stories of other men who knit and crochet.

    I stopped listening after an episode or two of the new KPPC because I found the variability in volume level too great. I literally heard myself scream out loud in pain from a completely unexpected dog bark that came right after a stretch that was mastered so low that I had to turn the volume way up to be able to make out what the speakers were saying.

    To be fair, I do have some hearing loss, and I don’t know how much that is to blame, but I just can’t risk (further) damage to my hearing.

  6. Ellen / June 24, 2014

    Although I do miss Kelley, I am really enjoying the new podcast format. I like how you are going more deeply into one topic. The last episode on useful vs. not-so-useful knitting/crocheting was especially interesting.

  7. Karrie Smith / June 22, 2014

    Last week I came upon an app that stole Sewing blogger’s tutorials as their own, and I think they stole your info also. It’s an Android app, and here is the URL to the app page. When I googled Peach margot the exact pic came up as yours. I don’t knit, but they probably stole up to 10 blogs tutorials. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appxygen.bigwore.knitting

    • admin / June 23, 2014

      Thanks Karrie – we’re going to look into it.

  8. dawn / June 21, 2014

    Sadly, this was my last Knitpicks Podcast. I dislike the new format and I think the quality of the podcasts — including the sound — has really deteriorated since Kelley left.