Our Axiom KAL Progress

We’ve got exactly one month left of the Axiom Sweater KAL! Progress varies widely at the Knit Picks office, with some knitters done and some knitters a bit behind, but every sweater is a looking great!

Alena was the first to finish, and her sweater looks beautiful! Her only modification was to knit the sweater seamlessly.

Carlene’s sleeves weren’t here to photograph, but she finished them as well, so she just has seaming left to do. She added extra length to her body to make it a tunic-style sweater.

Stacey knit her sleeves first, so she’s also close to being done soon. She chose to knit her body in the round but will be seaming the sleeves on so they were easier to knit two-at-a-time.

Jen converted her sweater into a cardigan, which was a very clever modification! Her sweater body is almost finished.

Andi modified the pattern to be a cropped sweater with deep rib. She put her Axiom on hold for a bit to work on some other sweaters, so she’s still working on the body.

Regan also has been multitasking and knitting other sweaters, so his front with his intarsia modification is as far as he’s gotten.

Alexis has been extra busy with The Big Sale, so her progress is moving slowly, but once the sale ends and she finishes the cables, we expect she’ll be speeding along!

How is your own progress going? Have you shared it on social media with us?


  1. Sandy / November 20, 2023

    Absolutely LOVE the pattern with these beautiful yarn choices. Your pieces are perfect❤️

  2. Francoise / November 17, 2023

    where do I get the pattern

    • Andi Satterlund / November 17, 2023

      You can find the Axiom Sweater in our pattern section!