Now, Who is This?

Say “hullo!” to Marisol the Knitted Mouse from Rachel Borello Carroll’s free pattern on Ravelry.

Oh he’s so cute, I can’t even stand it! I love these quick projects (3 hours or so), especially when they turn out even better than I suspect they will when I first cast on. I knit this little fella with Stroll Sport in Mink Heather, Palette in Peony with a dash of our new Galileo in Pearl for a wee scarf. He looked so jaunty when I finished him yesterday that I wound up toting him around in my pocket around the office for the rest of the day. I was especially charmed when I caught glimpses of him peeping his wee face out of my jacket in the reflective elevator doors!

I’ve been seeing little mice with recycled containers for beds (like this project on in the general crafty world lately and I think this little guy would be the perfect size for that sort of project. The holidays feel like they’re racing towards me faster than my needles can work and I definitely forsee quite a few little Marisols in my future!