Next-to-Skin Considerations

For those considering a new project for someone with wool allergies, knitters considering plant-based yarns or those looking for wool-yarn alternatives, there are so many great options. Here’s our round-up of recommendations.


If your project is a warm weather garment or an accessory for someone with sensitive skin, knitters will love our selection of alpaca, mohair, silk, and blend yarns.


Our delightful selection of plant-based yarns are made from smooth cotton and cool linen. We also have a few yarns made from renewable materials, Shine made from luscious beech wood and Galileo made from bamboo. These yarns are perfect for warmer weather and home decor projects.


If you are looking for a superwash, animal-free yarn, Brava Premium Acrylic yarn is a great option. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin and the durability is unmatched. There is no fiber more dependable than acrylic! Fable Fur is also a great option for sensitive skin.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tour through our yarns that provides great alternatives to wool. If we can be of help, please contact customer service. We’re happy to answer more in-depth questions. Let us help you make your fiber journey nothing short of amazing.


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Until next time!