NEW! Majestic Wood Knitting Needles

knit picks majestic wood knitting needles

The newest addition to our knitting needle line up will make you feel like crafting royalty – say hello to Majestic! Made with the same strong layers of laminated birch as our Rainbow, Sunstruck and Caspian Wood needles, this new and grand colorway is quite regal with it’s waves of purples, blues and teals.

kni tpicks majestic wood knitting needles

The Majestic line up is available in our classic straight needles as well as double pointed needles, fixed circular needles and of course as interchangeable needles – the ultimate in versatility for your knitting (shown above).

knit picks majestic wood knitting needles

Each of the interchangeable knitting needle tips are stamped on the metal ferrule with both the US size and the millimeter size. This is supremely handy and allows you to easily find the needle tips that you need without digging out (or finding, in my case) a needle gauge sizer.

Knit Picks Majestic Wood Knitting Needles

We also gave our Majestic interchangeable knitting needles an update with a brand new and oh-so-chic black cable! It features the same flexibility as our purple and green cables, but we wanted to add a special and unique look to the cables to go along with the purples and blues of these new needles.

So, are you ready to feel like royalty in your craft kingdom? We hope you love the Majestic needles as much as we do.

We’d also love to hear your ideas for your dream knitting needle – leave your suggestions in the comments below!


  1. Margery / April 22, 2016

    It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with extespire.

  2. knitpurlcurlygirl / March 28, 2016

    I’ve purchased a few of the interchangeable needles. Can’t wait for them to arrive! ????

  3. laddykolie / March 10, 2016

    These are encompass all of my favorite colors. I bought 2 pairs just to give them a try, since I’d never tried knit picks needles before. After they arrived and I knitted with them for a day, I turned around and placed another order in all the size knitting needles I use. They are just too beautiful. I absolutely love them 😀

  4. KH / March 2, 2016

    I would love it if there were Majestic crochet hooks – I have a friend that crochets and this would make a wonderful gift for her!

  5. Michelle Carter / February 18, 2016

    I have the Caspians for my DPN’s, Harmony for my interchangeable, and Sunstruck for my fixed circulars (the long ones in 0,1, 2 for socks). I don’t use straight needles anymore, they are in a jar for decor now. So, what can I use these for? Hmmm. I wish you’d come out with these in the short tips!

  6. KB / February 13, 2016

    Is it wrong to want all the sets of needles in all the colorways?

  7. Amanda / February 12, 2016

    Amazing job creating such a beautiful needle set. I wanna but these needles just for their looks alone. As for suggestions, I would love it if you guys made your nickle plated needles on a short tip interchameable set. I love knitting with metal needles and I would but a short tip set without hesitation.

  8. EmilyVictoria / February 12, 2016

    Just in time for my birthday! These are just too pretty, I’ve loved my Rainbows for years, but they might need to retire if I order these beauties!

    Now, I don’t have any real suggestions, but I will say this, as a person who suffers from severe psoriatic arthritis in my hands it’s a must that I have needles made of different materials in my collection. It would be nice to possibly see bamboo as well as plastic (resin) or perhaps even casein (great renewable resource) added to the interchangeable mix. Not only do I have to change my needle type based on yarn composition, but the weather as well. Metal is too cold during winter and can hurt my hands, so I love my Rainbow’s in the winter, but they don’t work well for me with acrylic yarns. I do own a pair of your now discontinued acrylic tips which work great for non wool yarns, but I honestly prefer a smoother plastic for that purpose.

  9. Stelmaria / February 11, 2016

    You’ve found my Achilles heel with these colors! Judging by the date on the blog post, you’ve had these needles up for less than a day, and I’ve already placed an order. I’d been considering a second set of interchangeables, and eyeing the Caspians (to go with my current Rainbows) — but now this. I came here tonight looking for yarn for a project, you know. I was going to be *good*. But as Oscar Wilde famously wrote, “I can resist everything except temptation.”

    The black cables will undoubtedly look awesome, but I’m probably just as likely to pair the Majestics with my current purple cables, especially if I’m knitting with a dark-colored yarn.

    You asked about your readers’ “dream knitting needle” — for me, *this* is probably it. The only thing I’d really like is interchangeable tips in smaller sizes, rather than having to buy fixed circulars for anything below US 4. I don’t know how feasible that is, but it’d be super if it were possible.