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Hello, Knit Picks friends! We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently given our Learning Center a much needed refresh, making it more user-friendly for both experienced and beginning knitters. In addition to increased functionality, we’ve added an abundance of easy-to-follow tutorials, helpful guides, and perhaps most importantly—fun freebies!

Whether you’re new to the craft or a seasoned expert, you’re guaranteed to find something to enjoy, from knitter-centric coloring sheets & cheat sheets to in-depth colorwork & cable knitting tutorials. It’s a veritable one stop learn-how-to-knit spot.

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So whattaya waiting for? The Learning Center is open 24/7. What will YOU learn today? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Barbara Sudek / February 7, 2021

    Hello, I’m starting Stacy’s pattern, the Rainbow Blankie. I wonder if she or someone else can give me some guidance on carrying or not carrying the colored yarn? I can cut the colors, maybe all but the MC, on each row, but that’s a lot of dangling yarn. I could carry the yarn, but that could be up to four or five strands carried at once. That seems unworkable. There must be a better of the two. Maybe there’s a third or fourth way I’m not seeing. Please help. I’ve looked online for a solution, but everyone works with only two colors.
    Thank you.
    Barbara Sudek

    • Stacey / February 10, 2021

      Hi Barbara! I wouldn’t recommend carrying the yarn up the side, as you pointed out, that is several strands and will distort the side. For the sample, we did cut each piece and wove it in – one method is to carry the yarn tail behind the new color and weave it in as you knit, using the “wrapping floats” in colorwork technique along every other stitch knit, for a couple of inches to weave it in. You can see a tutorial about halfway down this page: https://www.knitpicks.com/learning-center/fair-isle-knitting-guide

      • JUDY CHAMBERLAIN / February 17, 2021

        Hello. I’ve been listening to your podcasts as I knit and loving it. I even went back to the very first one and am working my way forward. I’ve learned so much. Thank You!
        I’m wondering if you’ve done any recent reviews of knitting apps. Would be great to hear what apps your staff uses…in addition to ravelry….esp for beginner designing.
        Keep up the great work!

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