New colors of Palette!

Our fall collection is on its way, so expect to see lots of sneak peeks here the next couple of weeks! I thought I would kick off the fall yarn love fest with a photo of new Palette colors. Sure, the weather is just heating up, so wool colorwork is not on the top of most of our lists, but I find it’s best to plan early for colorwork projects.

Palette has become one of my favorite yarns, since I knit Eunny Jang’s Autumn Rose Pullover. Remember this post a while back where you voted for Autumn Rose swatches? Well, when the yarn came in, I got to knit up all those swatches to make sure that my color choices were working out. It was a blast!

I’m going to save those photos for Christy’s September catalog, but I did want to show off the new colors I got to work with (click the photo for bigger). You may notice in the photo that there aren’t any blues, but that’s because the blue choices in Palette were already really strong. Our goal this year was to discontinue the colors that we felt were too “neon” and replace them with richer shades. I adore the new oranges and yellows, even though I’m not a fall color person. My absolute favorite new color is Green Tea Heather though. It’s such a cheery light green with beautiful flecks of color that make it twinkle. <