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We’re all book lovers here so with our 40% off book sale going on, I rounded up the staff to talk about some of their favorite titles.

First of all, a big favorite with everyone here is the gorgeous Big Book of Knitted Mittens by Jorid Linvik.

Big Book of Knitted Mittens by Jorid Linvik from knitpicks.com

This book is chock full of so many gorgeous mittens! With beautiful images and clear instructions, it’s hard not to want to knit them all. While we all have our personal favorites (mine happens to be the rockstar ones on the cover up there), we all agree this is a book for everyone’s library.

Emily has also been all over Hannah Fetting’s Texture and it’s easy to see why.

Texture by Hannah Fettig from knitpicks.com

Hannah Fettig is known for her simple, timeless designs and this book takes her knitwear essentials to the next level with stunning texture. Featuring both garments and accessories, each piece highlights the beauty of textured fabric with simple knit and purl stitches. You’ll want to knit all of these again and again.

Jennifer is in love with Hunter Hammersen’s Curls and Curls 2.

Curls 2: Versatile, Wearable Wraps to Knit at Any Gauge by Hunter Hammersen from knitpicks.com

Jennifer says, “I’ve been wanting to try one of the projects from Curls or Curls2. I love the idea of using any yarn at any gauge – as someone who isn’t a very detailed or exact knitter, it intrigues me. Also, her designs are just gorgeous.”  I agree, Hunter is a fabulous designer and her Curls series just proves it.

Stitch dictionaries are one of the handiest reference books to have on hand and Hannah has a favorite – Up, Down, All Around Stitch Dictionary by Wendy Bernard.

Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary by Wendy Bernard from knitpicks.com

As Hannah says “I cannot get enough of the Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary. Not only does it have a huge selection of different stitches but each swatch gives instructions for knitting the stitch pattern flat or in the round! I spent so much time in my early knitting years trying to figure out how to convert stitch dictionaries from flat instructions to circular for hats, mittens and cowls and it just NEVER worked. I wish I’d had a copy of this excellent book then and I’m so glad I have it now!”

Daniel‘s a big fan of the very fun Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium by Kerry Lord.

Edward's Crochet Imaginarium by Kerry Lord from knitpicks.com

When this book came into the office, we had so much fun playing with it! Daniel hasn’t crocheted in awhile but says “I haven’t made anything from it, but Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium is the first thing I’ve seen in literally years that made me want to crochet again. I love the idea of modular crochet monsters. And the book is very cleverly set up, with mix and match instructions divided into heads, arms, and legs, and a separate section of very clear, step-by-step instructions for unusual techniques (like hair and tentacles!). There are also dozens of complete pre-designed monsters, great if you don’t want to make ALL THE DECISIONS for a fully customized creature or if you need some inspiration. Plus, the book includes instructions for how to do all of this at various yarn weights to make bigger or smaller creations, so you can use whatever yarn you have handy or choose the yarn for the size you want. So, even though crochet for me feels a bit like trying to peel a carrot with a chef’s knife blindfolded while wearing oven mitts, I’m really, really, really tempted to pick it up again for this. Or maybe just buy the book and yarn for a friend that crochets.”

Finally, Alexis picked one of my all time favorite books – You Can Knit That by Amy Herzog.

You Can Knit That by Amy Herzog from knitpicks.com

Alexis sums it up perfectly: “When the time comes for me to cross over into knitting garments this book is going to be at my side. Amy Herzog demystifies size and fit, especially for those of us that could use a personal tailor. The particle advice regarding gauge, blocking, and reading schematics is clear and concise with mini exercises to reinforce your skills and comfort levels. Plus the patterns for the pullover sweaters & cardigans are timeless classics. You can revisit these with any number of your favorite yarns and colors. It’s like finding a great fitting pair of pants, you can’t buy just one! It is simply a must have for my library and would make a great gift for newer knitters or anyone wanting to expand their sweater repertoire.”

Those are some of our favorites – what are some of your favorite crafting books? Don’t forget, all in stock titles are on sale for 40% off until May 2nd!




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