Name a yarn line and win a Knit Picks gift certificate…

We recently found out that another company sells a product named “Essential”, so we need to rename our Essential yarn line. We’ve been brainstorming, but honestly, we’re stumped, so we need your help. Post your suggestions below, and if we pick your name, you win a $50 Knit Picks gift certificate. It can’t be a name that any other yarn company currently uses. If you’re feeling generous, we’ve got a super cute new gift card right now with a heart shaped ball of yarn on it, and we’ve got another one in the works for Mother’s Day, but I won’t blame you if you want to keep the whole prize for yourself!

If you haven’t tried Essential yarn before, it’s a 75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon fingering weight sock yarn. It comes in 52 colors including kettle dyes, tweeds, twists, solids, heathers, and multi-colored space dyes. It’s super soft and machine washable, and it knits into warm, cushy socks, which makes it perfect for gift giving because your recipients won’t need to follow any special care instructions. The high grade fibers show off lace, cables, and other textures beautifully, especially if you pick a solid shade. It’s a pretty, soft, hard-working yarn, and we think it deserves a special new name… but what?

Reply to this thread to post your ideas for a new name in the comments section by February 20th to be eligible to win! <