My top picks for Felici

Yay I can finally buy some Felici!

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this for several months–back when we first saw the colorways for this yarn, I think every knitter in the office made a mental shopping list. And then we had to wait, and wait, and wait–but finally it’s here and I think it looks AMAZING in person. These are my favorite colors of Felici yet!


Here’s what it looked like last year when Melissa designed the colors:

Felici Fingering

And Felici Sport:

And that’s what I’ve been drooling over–I mean, planning my order from–since last fall!

Okay, the colors I’m dying to get my hands on are:

Fingering in

Rainbow, because I will knit anything that is rainbow

Marine Life, which I think will look really cool knit into some striped socks with a ball of the Rainbow

Time Traveler to make a pair of gift socks for my friend who is a Dr. Who super-fan

Positively Pink, because…well, I love pink and these are just the softest and sweetest pinks which will make great socks for me!


As for Felici Sport, I LOVE to knit socks in sport weight yarns, because they go so fast and are thicker and warmer than fingering wight ones. I’m planning on a pair in Ecology for my partner, who loves earth tones and has a lot of green clothes, and a pair of knee socks for myself in Sticks and stones–I love this colorway too much! I know that I’m breaking and old rule–that brown and black shouldn’t be worn together– but I really hate that rule! It’s one of my favorite color combinations, so I’m glad we have a neutral sock yarn that has browns, black, and grey all together 🙂

One of the reasons I love to knit socks out of Felici is that even a plain stockinette sock will look great worked up because of the self-striping! So, most of the socks I’m planning to make will be plain, but I have had my eye on this pattern:

Skew from Knitty

for several months, because I think it would look AWESOME in some Felici, and I do intend to give it a try with some of my haul.

Whew! Feeling a little greedy today, I suppose 🙂 Which of the new colors are you finding most attractive? What patterns are you planning to knit out of Felici? Share your own opinions in the comments!