My left-hand Cupcake Mitt is finished!

Cupcake Fingerless Mitts - Left Finished

I am absolutely thrilled with this mitten – both the knitting and the result. Thank you SpillyJane!

I didn’t expect the cupcakes to stand out so well as I knit. It was such an incentive to knit one more row of cupcakes. After a bit of steam blocking, the fingerless mitt looked even better.

I made one change. In the instructions, SpillyJane suggests the white contrast color for the stripe in the thumb. I thought it would be too harsh so I went with the yellow. I like it a lot.

These mitts are actually going to be a gift for a friend. So, I am making notes about when changes I will make in my own mitts. First, I am going to knit a couple of plain rounds after the cuff ribbing so that the bottoms of the cupcakes don’t get lost in the pull of the ribbing. Same with the top of the mitt by the finger ribbing.

I think I knit the thumb a bit too long. I didn’t take into account how much room the four rounds of ribbing would take. I suppose I could you less ribbing. That can be a decision I make with my own pair – less striping or less ribbing.

I’ve already cast on the cuff for the right hand mitt. It’s quite chilly up here at my house this morning so I am remembering why I like having fingerless mittens available. And, the cupcake design is so lighthearted that they look perfectly suited to “summer” wear.

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  1. Lisa S / August 2, 2013

    This is sooooo cute!!!!!! Way to go!