My Faraway, So Close shawl is finished!

Faraway Shawl finished

Just in time for our trip to Canada. No, really! I took it off the blocking wires Saturday morning as we headed out the door.

Faraway Shawl details

The stitch definition would have shown up better with a less color-changing yarn but Wicked Step Mother in Imagination is what I had in my stash in Mexico. I wanted a relatively quick shawl to knit and the changing of stitch patterns was appealing. It would keep me from getting bored. If you are thinking of knitting Carina Spencer’s design, I would suggest a tonal fingering weight yarn like Stroll Tonal.

We are staying in Whistler, B.C. for a few days. The days are lovely but, as usual in the mountains, it gets a bit chilly in the evenings. We have been making a point of eating outside. Even with space heaters, I have been quite happy to have the warmth of the Alpaca/Merino Wool blend in Imagination.


I have a couple more of Carina’s designs in my Ravelry queue. The Lucy Hat in a lovely cloche style.


While we have been in Whistler, I’ve learn to appreciate how comforting a hood can be when I’m cold. I brought a long a cardigan with a hood and I’ve been surprised at how often I pulled up the hood. That is why I’ve added Carina’s Winterberry Hood to my queue. It is ideal for keeping my shoulders and head warm. I also like that I don’t have to worry about it fitting over my outfit like I do with a cardigan.