My Desk Menagerie Grows…

As I’ve stated before, toys are one of my favorite things to knit.  So I was excited to learn to crochet to make the very cute crochet amigurumi I see everywhere!

And I went a little crazy – they are so quick!

My desk already has quite a collection of toys, (you can see some of them in Kerin’s post about Carl) but these guys made a nice addition!

And best of all – all of these patterns (except one) were free patterns I found through Ravelry.

First I started with the two birdies on each end in the back row – a great pattern to start with!  Simple single crochet in the round with wings & a tail that was fairly easy.  You can find the pattern here to start your own collection of birdies!

Then I had to make something from Creepy Crochet, since I’ve loved all these little patterns for quite awhile!  I tried to teach myself crochet a year ago just to make them but unfortunately it didn’t work out.  I’m glad I’ve learned proplerly now!

Unfortunately, my devil resembles more of a cat instead of devil – I think it’s the horns, which resemble more ears than anything.  So not a complete success, but still cute.  Devilcat!  I think I’ll try a zombie next.

I ran across Gorge the Monster when checking out new patterns on Ravelry – something I do quite frequently for my job (I know, lucky me).  I thought it was so cute, I had to make one for myself – but a girlie version in purple!

Just so you can see her cute little spikes in the back!  She is soft & hugable and I’m glad I had felt for her teeth laying around, it totally brings our her smile!

My favorite though was the tiny Octopus by EssHaych!

I love EssHaych’s Monsties too – but the octopus just called to me. I didn’t even plan on making it the same color of the sample but a random skein of Wool of the Andes I had at home decided it wanted to be a mini octopus..  I added a little daisy-ish flower to give Violet a girlish vibe.  And it was so fun to make – the tentacles were super quick & while sewing them on was a bit tedious, it wasn’t bad.  I really love her & think I need to make her more octopus friends!

So I’m pleased with my first toy crochet projects – I’m glad I leared to crochet because I think I’ll be doing a lot of quick crochet projects for holiday gifts.  What are some of your favorite toy patterns?

My toys are heading off on an adventure!