My day at Sock Summit!

Yes, I know, that is really thick yarn! It is a photo of two irresistable braids of 80% Merino/20% from Wonderland Dye Works that were my first purchase of the day.

After sorting through my stash a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I still had fingering weight sock yarns from the first Sock Summit! The good news is that I was still completely in love with those yarns. That got me to thinking about the first Sock Summit and what I say to people when they ask me about it.

I always explain it as being like visiting a large art museum. Each independent dyer has her, or his, color sensibility. Seeing booth after booth made that clear in a way I couldn’t resist. Sort of like Monet and Picasso and Degas.

Und twoderstanding that the pleasure I experience years ago was essentially a visual one, I decided to focus on spinning fibers this year. 

Look at the silk caps I picked up at the Dicentra Designs booth! I have been craving the jewel like beauty of silk so I made a point of visiting the booth early on Friday.

When the Sock Summit classes opened up for registration, I wasn’t sure if Bob and I were going to be in town. Obviously, I am in town but I have to say I enjoyed walking the Marketplace only on Friday. I took several hours to walk up and down each row. Every time, I saw something I had somehow missed the other times I had walked the aisle. 

Around 2:00, a muggle friend joined me. I wanted her to choose a yarn for herself because I had promised her a pair of socks. She was drawn by the colors in the Three Irish Girls booth

I’ve been making socks for her son, Chris, since he was only about ten years old. Chris is heading of to college in the fall. I thought the yarns in the Miss Babs booth would be ideal for Chris’ college socks. Cindy agreed and we chose this colorful yarn.

I’ve had my rigid heddle loom dressed for a week but haven’t felt inspired to weave. But, look at this boat shuttle from KCL Woods! Isn’t it stunning! I am looking forward to using it on the scarf I have on my rigid heddle loom.  

Sock Summit is such a wonderful event!! I will be doing a lot of planning in order to use my new fibers and knit socks for my friends. As I play with the fiber and yarns, I will relive the memories of my time wandering through this unique “Fiber Art Museum”.