Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Life of Luxury

My mom and I have very different tastes, but we both really like to knit. When I knit, almost always seamlessly, I can hear her say, “What’s wrong with seaming?”. When I use only circular needles, I can hear her say, “What’s wrong with straights? That’s how we’ve always knitted!” She likes books with bold designs, and fibers with lots of flare, and that’s what makes knitting great: we can all be so different and come together over the beauty of the craft. My mother does not knit for practical purposes. She knits to make herself luxury items, and she wears them in bold combinations. For Mother’s Day, I think my mom would love:


1. Nicky Epstein’s “Knitting on Top of the World”. I recall her saying at one point, “Even if you don’t make any of the things in these books, they are just so gorgeous to look at”. Like a fashion magazine with patterns, this book is right up her alley.


2. A few skeins of Diadem yarn, to make stunning accessories in her favorite colors: anything jewel toned.


3. Some Caspian straight needles, to compliment everything she knits.


4. And to top it all off, some lovely yarn ball knitting earrings, to celebrate her, I mean our, love of the craft.