mine, all mine!

I know, I know…Another pair of fingerless mittens? But these are different, I swear. Unlike the other 5 pairs of fingerless mitts I’ve knit in the past year, these are for *me*. 

These are the Trilse’an pattern by Kalurah (ravelry link here) in Comfy Worsted in Blackberry. I love Blackberry. It’s a deep, rich dark purple. I never considered myself a purple person until I started working here at Knit Picks, and I’m still not drawn to the bright grape jelly color I picture in my head when I picture the color purple, but we have so many other  tempting shades… Blackberry seems more interesting than grey or black or brown, but it’s dark enough that it still feels kind of neutral. Know what I mean?

I actually knit 3 of these mittens. I have small hands and wrists, so I didn’t trust the pattern when it told me how many stitches to cast on, but since they’re cabled, my modified mitt turned out way too small. I could barely squeeze my hand into it. I briefly considered soldiering on and gifting them to someone with even smaller hands than me, but these were supposed to be MY mittens. So I begrudgingly started over, and now I have two matching mittens that fit me perfectly. I did a couple extra repeats of the cable so that they’re a little longer than the originals, and they tuck into my jacket and keep my wrists warm. I love them. It’s been chilly and rainy enough this spring that they’ve already gotten a little use.

I kept my first attempt though. What should I do with an extra mitten?

I’ve already cast on my next project. Can you guess what I’m knitting? Yep. They’re fingerless. And they’re a gift. But these are different too. Knucks (free Knitty pattern) have fingers!