Meet Kate, New Administrative Assistant

Greetings! I am the newest marketing administrative assistant here at Knit Picks. I’ll be behind the scenes of all things social media, email, and design related. I consider it a dream come true to be working in an environment surrounded by so much crafty goodness.

Hey Kate! How long have you been at Knit Picks?

I started just after Thanksgiving of this year, because who doesn’t love to make major life changes during the holidays? Seriously though, I had been at my previous job in Portland for almost 9 years, and as they say, it was time for a new, craftier challenge in life. I left the world of community-owned food cooperatives, where I had most recently filled the role of lead designer and marketing coordinator for two stores. Now that I have my proverbial foot in the door with Knit Picks, I fully intend to glean as much fiber-related knowledge and skill as humanly possible from my amazingly talented teammates!

Where do you get your crafty inclinations from?

I come from a long line of “makers”. Mom & dad instilled the desire to make things with my hands in me pretty early (as a sewer & carpenter respectfully). In addition to having creative parents, my maternal grandmother was a prolific quilter, and managed to pass that passion on to my older sister, who has become quite an expert level quilter. My own talents are more varied, admittedly less developed, and cover a broad range of disciplines. My current projects are of the macramé variety (who could’ve predicted that coming back?), string art, and print transferring onto glass, wood, etc.

See you around the blog!



  1. EmilyVictoria / December 7, 2017

    Nice to meet you! Does that mean you’ll be able to post on Google+? That’s my main social media hanging out in the two biggest knitting communities. It would be awesome if you could.

    • Kate M / December 19, 2017

      It hasn’t come up yet in my training period, but I’ll put a bug in my supervisor’s ear. 🙂

  2. Jeanett / December 6, 2017

    Who cares about all that! Tell us about the super cute PICTURE!!! Oh my good grief, so ADORABLE!!! (I am kidding about the who cares, of course!)

    • Kate M / December 19, 2017

      Yes, that’s my buddy Tino, an alpaca locally located here in Washington. 🙂

  3. Jane in FL / December 6, 2017

    Welcome! You cannot escape the fiber/creative/building genes you have. You will pick up the needles one day and there will be no looking back. My Mom was an excellent seamstress and my Dad built houses by hand. I am speaking from experience!

    • Kate M / December 19, 2017

      Haha! Yes, the inclination to create is definitely in the genes.