Meet Sugarbunny!

This morning, the Knit Picks office has been buzzing with excitement over all of the new yarns, colors, and kits that just launched on the website this morning! And I have to say – one of the most delightful new yarns is Sugarbunny, our very first yarn in the Special Reserve line! This 80/20 blend of merino and angora is the perfect little yarn treat, I can assure you that this makes for the ultimate knitting indulgance. Super soft with a beautiful halo, I think something like a cowl, or anything worn next to your skin, would be best for this special yarn. Just remember, Special Reserve means that the yarn is a one time deal and once it’s gone, it won’t be back. Check out our video yarn review to hear all about what Kelley loves most about Sugarbunny!


And as luck would have it, Hannah (our new catalog designer) has her very own angora rabbit named Linus! Sometimes, things come together and are just meant to be – and this was definitely the case with Sugarbunny. An angora rabbit with angora yarn, is there really anything more wonderful? This is why I knew I had to get Linus in front of the camera, pronto! Hannah was kind enough to bring him into the office for his big shoot, and it was my pleasure to get to work with such a talented bunny! Check out the Sugarbunny promo to see Linus in action.