Making Friends: A Book Sale Round-up!

Our book sale is here again! With 40% all titles, it’s really hard to pass up the opportunity to browse new titles, or add a book you’ve been eyeing for while, to your shopping cart. Alison’s sea creatures have been eliciting such a great reaction both online and in the office, that I thought I’d present some of our favorite books for knitted and crocheted toys and dolls. Have a look! You might just see something (someone?) you just have to make.


I made this giant pencil (I call him “Ticonderoga”) from Anna Hrachovec’s Huge & Huggable MochimochiThis book is incredible. It’s filled with super simple patterns, bright colors, and photography that will have you rolling on the floor laughting (that’s right! ROFL, people). Who doesn’t need a giant toothpaste tube with the paste hanging out of spout, or a burger with giant toppings and even bigger eyes? The patterns are so so simple and the results are so very satisfying that I want to make every single one!


If you like simple patterns like I do, I also highly recommend The Big Book of Little Amigurumi. I’m new to crochet but even if you aren’t, Anna Paula Rimoli’s patterns are sweet, cheerful and satisfying. I’ve made a cloud pillow from her book Amigurumi at Home and loved making it so much I made three more for my kids, and to give as gifts. There are 72 patterns in this book, and so many of them coordinate so well together (like the balloon and bear, below). Wouldn’t this look so cute hanging above a desk, a bed, or a crib? These patterns truly will bring out anyone’s inner child.


If you’re not really into creating food or even animals, but love dolls instead, please have a look at My Crochet Doll by Isabelle Kessedjian. I am obsessed with this book. The dolls, with their yarn or roving hair and adorable outfits are so thoughtfully crafted, but it’s the accessories that have me floored. From bathing suits and swimming pools to arctic outfits and bear costumes, you can make any number of gorgeous items to coordinate with your handmade dolly. The photography in this book is so simple and inspiring that even if I never make any of it, looking at this book gives me immense pleasure just the same.


Finally, if humans aren’t your cup of tea, you might love monsters, and if you like monsters, you’ll love The Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger. Not only does the author have the perfect surname to design these creatures, she has the perfect way to infuse them with humor and love, characteristics every monster should surely have (ahem). From monsters made to inhabit canisters to household plant monsters, gentle and sweet, it’s the tiny differences that make these guys (girls? things?) so much fun.


These are my picks for knitting and crochet books that offer both simple and more complicated projects to those of us that love to make cuddly friends. With 40% off all book titles, it’s hard to pass up the chance to do just that. Is there something (someone) that’s caught your eye?


“Ticonderoga”, my pencil, would also like to remind you that we have kits available, containing yarn, books, and tools, and cheaper than you would pay if you ordered it all separately!  Check out the kit containing his book, Huge and Huggable Mochimochi. With so many colors included, it’ll give you an immense head start on your toy making adventures. We can’t wait to see what you make!