Making excellent progress on baby blanket knitting

After three false starts, I’ve finally settled in with a Log Cabin pattern from the first Mason Dixon Knitting book. I am going to get to projects in the new book but not until I’ve finished knitting my last three baby blankets.

For some reason, I struggled with the color blends for the Moderne Baby Blanket that I’ve made for several babies. By the time I had gathered yarn for three versions I was completely frustrated and had a huge pile of yarns!

I had seen the log cabin design in the book before but I’d always been so happy with the results of my previous Moderne Baby Blanket projects that I never thought about a change. With the Mason Dixon Knitting book laid out on the floor, I played around with my pile of yarn and finally came up with the plan you see here. Three purplish yarns and three greenish yarns. Bright yellow in the middle and as the i-cord border. I’m also going to over-stitch with yellow. You will see that later.

Both blankets are knit using garter stitch. But I am enjoying the more frequent color changes in the log cabin version. Just a bit more to think about but I can still read and knit at the same time.

I wandered over to Flickr and searched under “Log Cabin Quilt Block” and found some inspiration to share with you.