Look at me! I’m crocheting!

Not long after I started knitting, my mom decided to show me how to crochet as well.  My grandmother is an amazing crocheter – she has made her grandchildren & great-grandchildren so many crochet afghans and I’m lucky to have several in my possession to keep me warm.  And my mom did crochet more than knitting for a long period of time, so she thought she should teach me that too!  Unfortunately, while I picked up knitting fairly easily, it wasn’t the same story with crochet.  I just couldn’t get it & got so frustrated.  So I abandoned the hooks & turned deaf ears to everyone who told me “It’s fun and so much easier than knitting!”.

But I’ve been becoming more interested in crochet in the past few months, especially with the addition of crochet patterns to the IDP program.   There are so many that I love, but most of all is Lauren Osborne’s Adva Scarf

It reminds me a bit of one my grandmother’s afghans & it looks like a nice warm scarf to wrap around me when I’m cold (which is right now, I don’t think we’re getting a proper spring this year). 

So when we started the Crochet Along, it was my immediate choice for my project, trusting Lauren’s note on the pattern that it’s a good beginner project.

First I chose my colors – the best part!  I have (ahem) a lot of Swish so it was just a matter of narrowing my choices

that's Indigo Heather, Squirrel Heather, Dublin, Avocado, and Deft Heather

(Deft Heather, Avocado, Dublin, Indigo Heather, and Squirrel Heather)

I’m always drawn to blues & greens and I like these colors together.

Then my ever patient mom showed me some basic stitches again.  I still fumbled quite a bit, but by the end of the weekend I had made a good start!

(It’s folded under a bit because I had some ends to work in – that’s why it doesn’t look even. Honest.)

And you know what?  It is fun!  I’m enjoying this project a lot.  While I still find knitting easier overall, I really like how quickly this project is going.  I’m already 45 inches in (the pattern is for 90 inches, but I’m not sure I’ll go that far.)

So if you’re a knitter curious about crochet, come join us.  If I can do it, anyone can!

By the way, Yarn Miracle had the funniest description that I’ve ever heard for knitters who don’t crochet  – Peter Pan Syndrome (fear of Hooks.  HA!)