Learn to Knit a Mitered Square!

So many of you have knit our Hue Shift Afghan, and even more of you have the pattern at home, but haven’t started yet. Am I right? Perhaps it’s the daunting mitered square design that has you a bit stumped. Well, if it is, fear not! We’ve just released a video tutorial teaching you everything you need to know to knit a mitered square.


From start to finish, Jenny takes you through how to make the “building block” or the Hue Shift Afghan, the Mitered Square.  Knit in 2 straight needles (though you could go back and forth on a circular if you’d like) the square is made using a central double decrease. Though some of the squares of the Hue Shift Afghan are solid, others employ two colors. Jenny shows you how to easily change colors, carrying your strands up the side of your work efficiently. If you’re making a solid square, you would follow the tutorial exactly, just don’t switch colors!


If you’re not making the Hue Shift Afghan, it’s helpful to watch the tutorial to learn the central double decrease, in case you make a pattern like Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket, which uses this technique, as well. We hope this video will shed light on a new technique, no matter what you make.


I’ve personally gotten excited to cast on for the gorgeous blanket, above.


  1. gunni / March 6, 2016

    Hi , can i just order the pattern of “hue shift afghan”.
    I have the yarn to make it. Thank you

  2. Michele / February 21, 2016

    Thanx, this looks worth gifting!!!

  3. Mimi / February 18, 2016

    Do you have a tutorial for showing how the squares are attached to each other for this afghan?