Last Chance for May Monthly Yarn Sale – Swish – 20% Off

Oh how I love Swish! Super soft, in a great array of colors, it’s my go-to yarn for sweaters. I knit a lot of things for my kids, but I also use Swish just as much for adult size garments. Today is the last day to save 20% on both weights of Swish in our May Monthly Yarn Sale. To celebrate such a great yarn, here’s a round-up of things I’ve made, in Swish!


A while back now, I completed a rainbow cardigan for my older daughter, pictured above. It was one of my very first projects in Swish Worsted, and I couldn’t believe how well it washed and dried in the machines. From then on, I was addicted to Swish.


This past winter, I knitted her a penguin sweater in Swish DK. Oh, how I love the color Marina! I just think it goes with so many other colors, so well. I can’t wait to dress her in this for a trip to see the penguins, at the zoo.


I made my younger daughter a fancy cardigan for Easter this year, in Swish Worsted, colorway Carnation. She loves this cardigan so much that she’s always excited to put it on. For anyone who makes handmade clothes for kids, this is a WIN, right?


Finally, I used Swish Worsted in White, with pops of Swish Worsted Brights to make a Lopi sweater that’s fresh and fun. Stranding with Swish worked really well on this one. It’s not too springy, and nice and sturdy, and this lopi came out of the washing machine, like a dream!

As you can see, Swish is one of my very favorite Knit Picks yarns. At 20% off until end of day today, I’ll be picking up some quantities for so many more sweaters in my queue. Perhaps you will be, too?