Lace Class – starting July First!

Lace is one of those things that can be pretty intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be!

Join me as we
explore the wonderful world of lace yarn. Fabulously fine, lace yarns are a lot
more versatile than you might think. Experiment with color, style and
techniques, and learn that in the yarn world, ‘little’ goes a long

This won’t be a typical “here’s a project we’ll work on together” type class. Instead, I’ll be going over things like how best to wind lace yarn into a ball, how to deal with joining new balls of yarn, what you can do with lace yarn that’s not lace, and lots of other information that should take the “EEK!” factor out of knitting lace. Have a question that’s kept you from experimenting with lace? Ask away!

The first video in this class will be posted on July 1 – bring your lace yarn and your imagination!