Knitting Needle Sale – Save 10%

It’s time again for two of the sweetest words in the knitting world: NEEDLE SALE! Through June 12th, you can snag almost any needle sold by Knit Picks – 10% off.

Knit Picks Needle Sale

Interchangeables, Fixed Circulars, Double Pointed, or Straight; Nickel, Caspian, Majestic, Rainbow, or Sunstruck; it doesn’t matter your preference, you’ll find a deal on something you’ll love on sale.

If you’ve been thinking about taking full advantage of the Knit Picks Options system with a full Interchangeable Needle Set, this is the perfect time to do it. Before I came to work at Knit Picks, I bought my first set of interchangeable needles (Caspians!) during a needle sale. It was an essential paradigm shift for me. Up to that point, I’d buy whatever needles I needed for a specific pattern, constantly losing and misplacing them,  buying multiples because I couldn’t remember which sizes and lengths I did or didn’t have, and even forgoing projects that I might otherwise have made because I didn’t want to buy yet more needles.

Knit Picks Needle Sale

Knowing that I had all the most common sizes was probably as helpful as actually having them. After about 3 years, thousands (if not hundreds of thousands!) of stitches, and more extra cables than I care to count, I’m still working happily with the same set.

And an IC set gets you just over the Free Shipping threshold, so you can get that extra bit of yarn you’ve been yearning for that much easier (I’m looking at you, Gradient).

If you’re on the fence about investing in a full IC set, our Try It sets are a perfect option. They come with everything you need to experiment with interchangeables, without taking the leap to a full set. I love my wooden needles, but maybe you’d prefer our Nickel-Plated. They’re great for tight knitters, with a glossy finish that stitches glide across breezily. The Try It Needle Sets let you find your perfect set.

Knit Picks Needle Sale

Regardless, whether you’re in the market for a complete needle system, that one size for socks, or even something oversized for that special project, the Needle Sale has you covered. Browse the entire selection here.

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