Knitting and spinning supplies for Australia

Last Sunday I laid out clothes for our trip. Having gotten the “boring” task out of the way, I enthusiastically contemplated what fiber-related projects to take with me. I knew I wanted to take my Spinsanity spindle and my Golding Aromatherapy spindle. I have bright, colorful rovings for each spindle.

I also wanted a very low-key knitting project. A Moderne Baby Blanket fits the “easy” requirement but the yarn takes up a lot of room and, once the blanket gets going, it isn’t really portable. Then I remembered my long-neglected Stonington Shawl from Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I had made a good start but then was sidetracked with Prayer shawls and baby blankets. The yarn is Shimmer – Bayou.

What a perfect travel project! Lots and lots of plain garter stitch with a lacy edge to entertain me on the long flight back home. Elizabeth provides an edging in her instructions but I don’t like it. I want something very dramatic to balance out all of the simple garter stitch fabric.