Knitters want their gifts to be used

This is a very old, free pattern – which is exactly my point. I still have the original!

My intention was to make a long, narrow, easy to knit item that took advantage of the lightweight warmth of Suri Dream. I tell people that it is my Airplane Blanket. I deliberatly shaped it to fit an airplane seat. I can wrap one end around my feet and pull to rest all the way up over my shoulders. Once we arrive at our destination, I can use it as an evening shawl. If we are eating outside on a really chilly night (it happens frequently in Hawaii), I curl up on my chair and wrap the whole thing around me like a poncho. Snugly warm! I also use it in my hotel room as a nap blankie and I even lay it over the thin blanket on the bed for extra comfort while I sleep.

When knitters give handknit gifts, they want them to be used! Sometimes the item is so cherished that it never gets out of its cedar cocoon.  Sometimes, the gift doesn’t quite fit the recipient’s lifestly despite our best intentions.

My blankie/shawl has had a good life. When I’m not dragging it with me on trips, I use it as a throw when I’m reading or knitting. When I can get it away from Xena.

So, here is my question. What have you knit that has been well-used? Was it for you or did you give it away as a gift? How did you figure out what the recipient would wear or use a lot?