Knit Picks Speed Knitting Contest- win needles, yarn, and a book!

That’s right. Our last giveaway was such a success that we’re already at it again. But this time you’re going to have to work for that prize. Here’s what we want you to do.

We will be knitting a home decor project out of worsted weight yarn using size 10 needles. The first one to complete their project, post a photo on their Knitting Community blog, personal blog, or Ravelry and link to it from the Speed Knitting Contest knitalong wins a Knit Picks needle set (you choose which one), a fiber yarn sampler, and the knitting book of your choice. That’s over $100 value. The home decor project will not be announced until the last week of January to give everyone a chance to get their supplies, stretch properly, get well hydrated, and perfect their speed knitting techniques.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Step 1- Join the Speed Knitting Contest Knitalong here-

Step 2– Decide if you want to knit with Wool of the Andes Worsted (the budget friendly yarn), Comfy (cuddly, soft cotton), Swish Worsted (totally machine washable), or Andean Silk (if you’re craving a little bit of luxury). Pick any color you like. You will need 900 yards of Wool of the Andes Worsted, Comfy, Swish Worsted, or Andean Silk and size 10 needles to participate in this speed knitting contest. If you use any other yarn or needle size, you will be disqualified . Sorry!

Step 3– After you’ve become a member of the knitalong, post your name, Ravelry ID if you have one, and the yarn and color you’ll be using for the competition.

Step 4- Place your order if the yarn isn’t already in your stash. Remember it can take up to 2 weeks to get your order, so plan accordingly so that you’re prepared when we announce the project you’re knitting and give you the green light to GO! We promise not to start the contest until the last week of January.

Step 5- Check back weekly. The competition may not officially begin until the last week of January, but we’re going into training mode here in the office. There will be new tutorials and tips to help whip us (and you!) into shape, and we’ve got a couple of fun ideas for inspiration and motivation. (Hint- post a photo of yourself and your yarn and needles once you get them in the knitalong if you’ve always wanted to be in a Knit Picks slideshow. Your dream might just come true.)

Step 6- When we announce the pattern, knit, Knit, KNIT!

Step 7- Post a photo of your completed project on Ravelry or your blog and post a link to the photos in the knitalong! The first knitter to post a link to a photo of their completed, blocked project in the knitalong group wins!

Good luck!!!! <