Knit Picks Classroom: Learn to Knit a Hat

Knit Picks Classroom: Learn to Knit a Hat

Welcome to the Knit Picks Classroom, where you can polish up your crafting education from the comfort of your own couch! Each month we will focus on a specific skill. This month you’ll learn to knit a hat.

Happy Homework

The Benefaction hat is simple and free, and works up in a flash.

Knit Picks Classroom: Learn to Knit a Hat

The Knits for Everybody Hat is easily customized and includes infant through men’s XXL sizes.

Knits for Everybody Hat

The Online Classroom

Grab a mug of tea, find a cozy spot on the couch, and watch the free Benefaction Hat Knitting Tutorial

Benefaction Hat Knitting Tutorial

Another great tutorial is  The Learn to Knit Club Hat, a free, full class!

Learn to Knit Club Hat Tutorial

Classroom Supplies

Can’t go to school without supplies! We make it easy with the Learn to Knit Club Hat kit, for 20% off. The kit includes yarn, needles, yarn needle, a handy instruction booklet with photo illustrations helping you every step of the way, as well as a pin to wear once you’ve completed your hat.

Knit Picks Learn to Knit a Hat Club Kit

The Hat Making 101 kit is another great option and is also 20% off! It includes all the needles, tools and yarn you need to make up to 4 adult size versions (or 8 baby/youth size) of the included basic hat pattern.

Knit Picks Hat Making 101 Kit

You’re well on your way to earning your PhD (Professor of Handmade Delights). We can’t wait to see the hats you’ll make!


  1. Juli / January 31, 2017

    The Benefaction Hat is from a free ebook that also includes crochet versions of all the hat patterns.

  2. Anne / January 31, 2017

    Please include crocheters in your blog. Knit Pick is my my “go to” place for yarns.

  3. Celina G. Conner / January 30, 2017

    i know the basics on knitting, any help appreicated