Knit Picks Big Sale is Happening….Now!

Knitpicks Big Sale 2016

By now many of you have filled your carts with enough balls, hanks, and notions to inspire amazing creations for months to come, but for you late risers and curious shoppers here is a brief overview of what we have in store for the week ahead.

Knit Picks Big Sale


More on sale than ever before, over 1000 different offerings, just on sale. We also introduced two new Chroma lines with a twist, literally. It’s your favorite Chroma colorways just twisted, in both fingering and bulky. Just check out this free sock pattern.

Knit Picks Big Sale - Chroma Twist

Luxury yarn more your style? Than make sure to toss a ball or two of our new Cashmere into your cart. It’s special reserve in extremely limited quantities. Don’t miss out!

Knit Picks Big Sale Cashmere Sport Special Reserve

And of course the return of your favorite stripping sock yarn Felici! We created nine new colors and brought back four favorites for those of you that missed out the first round.


Need some great gifts that you don’t have to make? We have you covered with a huge tool sale including Knit Picks Exclusives, our totes and needle cases are sure to please. The perfect gift for that someone special (you included) might be our rosewood needles in a limited edition embossed needle case designed by our talented Knit Picks design staff.

Knit Picks Big Sale - Rosewood Needle Set

Or how about a collection of curated yarns in a cedar box? Six gorgeous choices.

Knit Picks Big Sale - Cedar Box Kit with Diadem

Plus gifts for you with purchase and new fun free patterns for stash busting and gift giving this holiday season. Enjoy the sale!

xo- Alexis