Kitty Winners!

Thanks for all of your entries in our Cat book giveaway!  I loved reading all the stories of your favorite kitties!  To keep it fair, I used the random number generator to choose the winner – and here they are:

For Knitted Cats & Kittens, the winner is Jennifer, who commented:

oh! oh! pick me pick me! LOL.

my furbaby’s name is Mr. Biddles. he was a stray kitty who adopted me a few years ago and we’ve been bestest friends ever since. he “helps” me knit and strenuously inspects all of my creations to make sure they pass his high quality control standards (otherwise known as the sniff and rub test)

thank you for hosting a lovely giveaway in celebration of our wonderful feline friends!

Jennifer even sent me a photo of the handsome Mr. Biddles when I contacted her about the contest:


For the Knit Your Own Cat  book, the winner is Christine, who commented:

Our cat, Melvin, is very special. He’s one of those that people say about him “Well, I don’t really like cats, but this one’s pretty cool.” Friends often ask about him the way they would ask after a child or other relative living with us. He is friendly and has oodles of personality, which I’ve heard can be typical of Lynx Point Siamese. He often follows my husband across the street to the school where he works and waits for him to come home. He might like a woolly friend, at least one that doesn’t bark!

I hope Melvin will get a new friend!

Congratulations to Jennifer,Christine, Mr Biddles, and Melvin!  We can’t wait to see the knitted version of these wonderful companions!

I thought I’d end this with one of my favorite photos from one of my volunteer shifts at Pixie Project (if you are looking for a new friend in the Portland OR area, please check them out!).  This is JayJay, he is now in a very happy forever home but I still have this picture to remind me of him!