Kerin’s Knitting in Alaska!

Did you guess correctly?  If you missed our post yesterday, we are having a contest to see if you can guess where Kerin is knitting around the world in celebration of World Wide Knit In Public Week.  Yesterday’s post showed a picture of Kerin’s trunk that contained a fishing vest.  Where better to fish than in Alaska’s beautiful rivers.  As you may have seen in our recent interview with Kerin, she LOVES to knit while she fishes.  Looks like she caught a big fish (err, sock) this time!

Now remember, something in this picture is a hint for where Kerin will be tomorrow.  Post where you think she’ll be in the comments before 8AM PST tomorrow and if you’re the first one to get it right, you’ll win a $5 gift card to Knit Picks! Good luck!