It’s back to school time – don’t forget your Geometry!

Well, the days of summer are drawing to a close – it’s time to go back to school. My favorite subjects in school were science, art and math – all of which are reflected in my latest collection, Geometric!

This is a 6-pattern collection that draws upon ideals from geometry, modern art and architecture. Each pattern features a graphic detail that stands out against otherwise simple knitting. The Starburst Bag uses a little figure-ground reversal on a 10-point star, making it reminiscent of a sunrise over the ocean (or my time spent categorizing star magnitudes in Astronomy class!). It’s generous size and cross-body strap are great for around town or around campus.

With its dramatic yoke, the Phased Yoke pullover features a pattern of diamonds that appear to stretch and melt into the body. These are what you might find designating the latitude and longitude lines on a gravity well.

If a sleek silhouette is your style, the Chevron Coat fits the bill. This figure-hugging coat is worked in warm Cadena, and features a striking chevron patterned neckline. It also has a hidden button band on the inside, making the front closure smooth. With a nod to the clean lines of I. M. Pei’s brilliant architecture, this coat shows beauty in simplicity.

Equal parts Op-Art and non-Euclidean Geometry, the Tipped Tiles Cowl is patterned with waxing and waning tiles and shaped into a mobius. It has two other length options, as well – one shorter and one longer than the version shown here, worked as your usual toroid (tubular tube!).

For a more subtle approach, there’s the Shaded Pullover. The eight colors of Wool of the Andes appear to fade into one another, but up close it’s a simple stripe pattern that does all the work. Over the length of this warm tunic, the colors blend like a softer version of Vasarely’s interrupted gradients.

And to top it all off is the Gradual Rib Hat. This unisex beanie is worked sideways, with short rows to shape the crown. Reminiscent of Color Field painting, the two colors of the hat merge, but remain distinct.

A treat for art, architecture and math fans, or anyone looking for a bold way to kick off the fall knitting season, the Geometric collection is available as a printed book, a downloadable eBook, or as individual patterns. All of the garments are sized from 32-64″ bust sizes, ensuring that there’s a good fit for every knitter!