Interview with Grace Mcewen

Ever since we put Grace‘s first IDP pattern up in December, she has been one of our most popular designers. All three of her patterns have sold strongly – including her new Victorian Rose, which only went up 2 weeks ago! And it’s not hard to see why – she has such a distinct & lovely style to her designs. Anyone who reads my twitter feed (or my blog here) knows I’m obsessed with making Barb Wire as my first project in lace weight yarn. So I was delighted to get a quick interview with her!


(Grace’s “unwilling” models – her children)


How long have you been knitting?
I have been knitting since I was about 10 – so off and on about 30 years

What motivated you to learn to knit?
My Mother knit all the time. I remember all types of yarns being around the house and the yearly journey to a particular store which had a annual yarn sale. I wanted to learn something that was both fun and interesting and allowed me to dream of all the things that could be made from a ball of yarn.

(Grace’s son modeling a cowl)

Who taught you to knit?
I grew up in a crafty family. My Grandmother loved to sew and my mother knit. I learned to sew from my Grandmother and knit from my Mother.

What was your first project?
A scarf and then a yellow vest

What is your favorite fiber to work with?
I enjoy working with lace weight merino. Lately it has been cottons and hemp. It depends on what type of item I am attempting to make as the fibers dictate the results.

Is there anything in particular that inspires your designs?
Sometimes the color of the yarn, or the texture. Sometimes it is something I need for example a fun cardigan or a hood.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
I enjoy Pam Allen, Cecily Glowik MacDonald, and Joan McGowan-Michael are just a few. Mostly designers that think outside the box tend to catch my eye.

(Grace’s daughter modeling a sweater)

How long do your designs take to create from start to finish?
It all depends on the yarn karma. Sometimes, it can be a one night thing where it just all works out. Sometimes it may take a long time because the swatches or stitches just don’t want to work the way I think they should.

(Pretty Kitty Morti )

Thanks so much Grace! See all of her IDP designs here and check out her etsy store for more beautiful patterns.