Inspiration from J. Peterman

A few years ago I was absolutely devastated when the J. Peterman Company stopped sending out their catalogs. I had been collecting them for years and even made an occassional purchase of something special.

When I received a new catalog a couple of years ago I was absolutely thrilled! The same romantic stories accompanied each item. I vowed that I would treat myself to a couple more treasures each year to help keep those catalogs coming to me. They also send out e-mails. The last one reminded me that I also find a lot of knitting inspiration in the J. Peterman catalogs.

There has got to be a way to design a knit version of these Scalloped Gloves. Maybe a narrow band of ribbing at the wrist and then a sideways border like on a lace shawl. Or, even something as simple as a shale lace pattern?

Oh, please, these Fingerless Gloves make my fingers twitch. Definitely something to think about, maybe browse through a few lace stitch pattern books. Maybe make a pair with Gloss Lace?

Sometimes just the story of a garment like the Nantucket Sweater makes me want to curl up on my sofa and knit anything for hours and hours.

Or, the story with the Oxford Undergraduate Scarf appeals to my gift giving instinct.


I would love to knit a sweater to go with this Lacy Flannel Skirt!

Oh, I love J. Peterman!