Improvement on index card, lace knitting system

Sometimes I like to follow charts when I knit lace. But, when there are a lot of changes in the pattern, like what happens with circular shawls, I prefer to use my tried-and-true 3×5 index card system. Marianne Kinzel is a very considerate designer. She provides charts and written instructions. And, the instructions have a space between each round. That makes it easy to copy the pages and cut each set of instructions into a small bit of paper. Then, I tape one round of instructions on its own index card. I used to divide the cards up by sections of the shawl. There is always a logical transition that works out well. I put the card groupings into a zip-lock sandwich bag. That way I can see the instructions through the plastic. When I finish a round, I move the card to the bottom of the pile and knit along.

So, Monday morning I walked over to Office Depot to buy a couple packets of 3×5 index cards. I was in for a very pleasant surprise. Some brilliant person had designed a sturdy, plastic binder for index cards!! Not a spiral binder, mind you! A ring binder! And, there were packets of cards with the holes already punched in the top! And, there were even two plastic tab pages! Be still my heart!!

I bought the green binder and lots of cards. Thanks to the binder, I am able to keep all of the cards for the Balmoral Thistle Circular Shawl all together. As I finish a round, I will just move the tab page up one step. Whenever I start knitting, I can just flip the tab and be right where I left off!! <