I want a Snow Day

When I think of taking a Snow Day this winter, I imagine myself cozied up on the couch, watching fireplace videos, and knitting happily on all of the tiny treasures in our new Snow Day Ornament pattern!

I wanted to create a set of holiday patterns that would embrace all of the things I like about the winter holiday season. That was easy because as a sun-worshipping grinch, I can almost count the things I like about this season on one hand!

1. Sweaters. This kit features patterns for 6 sweet sweaters, which can be hung as ornaments, used to conceal a gift card, or used to dress up a Barbie or similarly sized doll. Actually, working on these, I found myself dreaming of my Barbies, long since handed down, and how awesome they would have looked in these retro-styled sweaters! These will be a fun project or gift for for all sorts of knitters, and a great intorduction to sweater construction as well!

2. Christmas lights. Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, these ubiquitous little colored bulbs are so iconic, and have been a fixture in my interior and exterior decorating aesthetic since I was 13. I think many 13-year olds have this in common, but I never grew out of it! I chose the colros for this kit in part to make the brightest, cheeriest string of lights possible. The length is totally adjstable so you can drape them across a mantle or cover your whole darn house!

3. Gingerbread. One of the greatest culunary acheivements of humankind. More specifically, it is the gingerbread HOUSE that is the greatest culinary acheivement of humankind, but a whole knitted gingerbread house was maybe beyond the scope of this project (though now that I’ve said it I think I might have to make one!) so I settled for the next best thing–the gingerbread person! There is enough yarn in the kit to make at least 4 of these little people, and I envisioned knitters making all of them and then having a little decorating party for friends and family. But instead of eating them at the end, you’ll have a whole collection of unique heirloom ornaments, personalized by your loved ones!

4. Popcorn. I remember very clearly stringing popcorn and dried cranberries onto thread for decorations at a childhood friend’s house, and I have always loved holiday traditions involving edibles, so I included this pattern from last years Tidings of Joy kit as well. There is one major improvement, however; the popcorn is now two tone for even greater knitted realism!

5. Sledding. Where I’m from, there is not a lot of space to go sledding, but sometimes in my youth I would venture out into the suburbs and sled on their golf courses, which was about as fun as winter can get. The knitted sled in this pattern can also be a gift card holder. The gift card is what provides stability and shape to the board on the sled, though cardboard can be used, instead!

6. Penguins. I realize that penguins exist all year round but they are snow birds so I don’t think I am alone in associating them with winter. And how could I resist the opportunity to knit this cheecky little guy?!

There it is, the things I like about winter, represented in knitting. Let it snow!