I received my “20 Colors” for my Colors by Kristin knitting!

Kristin Nicholas asks her students to bring at least twenty colors of yarn to her classes. So, I took her advice as my first step towards enjoying several patterns from her book – Color by Kristin. Since we have expanded our color selection in Wool of the Andes – Worsted, I decided to make that my yarn line of choice. No, I am not going to give you a list of all twenty colors! This is supposed to be an exercise in your own color sensibilities.

From my collection of twenty colors, I chose seven for the Very Long Scarf. I’m using Blackberry as the purl dividing ridge. Then Orange with Winter Night, Thyme with Caution and Williamsburg with Fedora. Even though the scarf in the book doesn’t have it, I’m thinking of adding some embroidery like Kristine has on other projects in her book.

I’ve been experimenting with taking blog photos with my new Motorola Droid. I’m not that thrilled so I think I will go back to my nice camera.