I just need something simple


And, I didn’t know it until I saw GlennaC’s latest blog post – Around and Around.


Glenna returned to my old favorite, The Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann, with her version of the Plain Pi Shawl. Glenna used a fingering weight yarn to make a Pi Shawl that is “still a little on the lighter side but will be cozy when folded over double.”

Stroll Tweed - Office Stash

My good luck continued because we had a pretty big stash of Stroll Tweed in the office. It was made up of leftovers from photo shoots and sending out for sample knitters.

Pi Shawl Yarn Selection

Even though I want something completely mindless to knit, I want the shawl to have a little bit of zing. I am planning on doing a simple K1/P1 seed stitch in the sections between the increase rounds. That way it will be reversible.

I spoke with Kerin and we think the yarn-overs will be swallowed up a bit by the panels of seed stitch. So, I am not going to worry about switching colors in sections. I’m going to knit with a color until I run out or it seems like a good time to switch. I am going to keep Thirst Heather for a sideways bind-off. I’m thinking of a cockleshell design.

Anyway, I will begin the body of the shawl with Farmhouse Heather, then Reindeer Heather and end with Rabbit Heather before the Thirst Heather bind-off.


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  1. anne mcclain / August 12, 2013

    oooh, i do hope you’ll give a few updates during the journey….. sounds really nice