I fell in love with Shamrock

The very first knitting project I started was the seed stitch scarf out of Shamrock in Fitzpatrick. A lot of people commented that seed stitch was a little much for a very first project. I loved it. I told Kelley I wanted to learn to purl, so the seed stitch scarf was her idea. I LOVE how the seed stitch works with the color variations in Shamrock, it’s like the two were meant for each other.

Well then I thought I needed a hat to coordinate, so I got some Shamrock in Reilly and made the ribbed hat. It was my first ribbed anything and it also was really fun to do. It’s so satisfying to watch the ribs form right before your eyes.

Shamrock is a very friendly yarn to knit with for a beginner. It’s just the right weight, just the right stretchiness, and the color variations are forgiving with small mistakes. I’m now working with Comfy, which is my first cotton project and I’m clearly spoiled by how easy it is to work with Shamrock.

If I was more poetic, I’d write a Haiku declaring my love, but instead, I think I’ll just find another excuse to use it again. <