How to Knit 2×2 Cables

Although the Axiom Sweater by Claire Slade looks like it has four distinct cables, all the cables are created with 2×2 cables crossing left or right, and it uses different spacing and different combinations of knit and purl stitches in between to create dramatically different looks from the same handful of skills. Many cables are deceptively simple like these, but it’s not until you review the chart key that you might realize how few techniques are used to make gorgeous, complex-looking cables. 

Below you’ll find an overview on cabling from Knit Bits: How to Knit Cables and tutorials on the left and right 2×2 cables, which are the only methods used to make up even the larger cables on Axiom. 2×2 cables are made up for four stitches, with two stitches crossing over another two stitches. Here’s everything you may need to know about knitting them!

Introduction to Knitting Cables

Left Cables

Right Cables