Holiday fun, and still the work gets done!

Yesterday was our Holiday Party! As Christy said, it was a blast, what with hilarious gifts being exchanged and lots of good food. Even though she stole my bag of Comfy, I still made out well.

I wasn’t going to jump on the cookie decorating contest at first, but well, I can’t stay uncreative for too long! So I grabbed a cookie and some intensely bright frosting and put down on that cookie what had been in my mind for the past few days:

And whaddya know, I ended up winning the contest!

You see, I’ve sort of had flowers on the brain lately. We have a super-awesome new yarn coming very soon, and I get to do the honors of introducing the first patterns for it. The colors are rich and complex, but are all so perfect together – just like a well-balanced garden. The colors themselves, muted, earthy shades, brought to mind the Art Nouveau and Pre-Raphaelite palettes; and, well, let’s just say that when I’m really inspired, I just can’t stop! Building a perfect garden out of yarn has been all I can think about this week.

The final product won’t be quite so bright as that cookie, but I hope you’ll be just as inspired as I am by this amazing new yarn! I can’t wait till it comes in. <