Exclusive Collections – Twentieth Century Graphic

Ann Weaver has long been a favorite at Knit Picks – from her Knitty work to her Weaverknits designs and her IDP patterns. In recent years, she has published several eBooks and we’re so excited to release her newest collection – Twentieth Century Graphic!

This collection features 6 striking designs influenced by modern art and architecture. For instance, the Project Rothko Scarf was influenced by a Rothko painting. The long gorgeous scarf has interesting construction: you start knitting one portion, then turn and knit the next portion in a different direction, ending it all with ruffles on each end.

The beautiful Saturated Shawl uses three bold colors, broken up by a neutral grey, to demonstrate contrast of hue.

Easily the favorite of the staff (and customers as well) is the Make It Red Cardigan, with it’s cozy look & a striking red stripe.

My personal favorite is the Partition Cardigan – I love the look of using a mix of sport weight and lace weight yarn and it also uses my favorite top down construction.

Like Modern Sophisticate, Hannah & Co used some of my favorite places in Portland to photograph Twentieth Century Graphic‘s gorgeous knits. For the lovely Form Follow Function sweater, you can see in the background the water feature at Tanner Springs Park, a beautiful park in Northwest Portland.

Last but not least is the Modular Mitts, a quick little project you can knit up to explore any number of color combinations in Palette.

Twentieth Century Graphic can be purchased as an eBook or each pattern can be purchased separately. And for those who prefer to hold a physical book, we’ll soon have this available as a printed book as well!

We hope you love these collections as much as we do – there will be more to come!