Harmonious colors in Fia

If you’ve been intrigued by the Celtic motifs of the Fia Pullover but aren’t so keen on green, here are a few more suggestions of colors that would work well for this pattern!

Fia looks best in two colors of the same family: two pinks, two blues, two greys, and so on. The most important thing to look for is a difference in value – how different the colors are in brightness. Choose the ‘background’ color first, which in the case of Fia is the darker color. From there, compare colors in the same family that are a lighter version (check out the great color descriptions with each one!). Colors that are only a touch different, like Delta and Whirlpool for instance, won’t contrast enough with each other to show detail. But if you like Delta, Sky and Clarity are in the same family and would make a better match.

Delta and Whirlpool

Delta and Sky

Delta and Clarity

Another benefit to using high-contrast colors is that you can use heathered colors. Heathered colors are often used as blending colors or for more subtle all-over patterning, but with Fia, the graphic pattern and high contrast colors lets you make the best of heathers! Some of my favorite combos are:

Lingonberry Heather and Blossom Heather
Lingonberry HeatherBlossom Heather

Midnight Heather and Opal Heather
Midnight HeatherOpal Heather

Indigo Heather and Haze Heather
Indigo HeatherHaze Heather

Grizzly Heather and Coriander Heather
Grizzly HeatherCoriander Heather

The best part is that you can use the hand-dandy Kit Builder feature on the pattern page to try out different combinations before you commit to any! Simply go to the Fia Pullover Pattern Page and scroll down to start putting together your favorite combination!