Happy Hanukkah!

We have been focused on holiday knitting around here the last couple of weeks. I knew that we were going to be sharing ideas, books and tips. So, I kept a list of “stuff” that kept popping into my head as we geared up for the holidays. I’m taking advantage of Bob’s and my dual backgrounds to give you an idea that I definitely like as the holidays become frightening close to being right around the corner.   

Remember when I started this scarf a few weeks ago? It’s the Extra Long Scarf from Color by Kristin by Kristin Nicholas.  

Alright, things bogged down a bit. I may have set aside my scarf for now but I am certainly still enthusiastic about the way Kristin uses color. Imagine how happy I was when I discovered that Kristin has kindly found non-knitting ways to share her art. Her Cafe Press site lets you grab a Kristin Nicholas tote bag or, even better, a mug.

Just One More Row

Socks of Many Colors

Perfect Afternoon Knitting

Kristin’s mugs or totes would be much appreciated gifts for your knitting friends or a treat for yourself. Enjoy!