Knit Picks Halloween Chill Zone

I don’t know about you, but I have big plans for Halloween. (Well… big knitting plans, anyway.) Monday evening my family and I will be trick-or-treating, but this pre-Halloween weekend the fam plans to chill. And of course I’ll be working on my latest project! If you haven’t already planned something crafty for Halloween, we’ve put together a weekend’s worth of knit and crochet projects, must-watch movies, and the perfect snacks and drinks to enjoy. Join us in the Knit Picks Halloween Chill Zone!

If you want a good scare:

Knit Picks Halloween Chill Zone


To knit: Shades of Leaves Shawl  with our Island Sunset Alpaca Cloud Sampler
To drink: Caramel Apple Sangria
To eat: Pumpkin Spice Cookie Cups and Halloween Jalapeno Mummies
To watch: The Others

If you want to laugh:

Knit Picks Halloween Chill Zone at

To crochet: Hue Shift Afghan
To eat: Mummy Cupcakes
To watch: Beetlejuice
To drink: Candy Corn Martini

 If you want to chill with the family:

Halloween Chill Zone at

To knit: Zigzagging Hat and Mittens with our Mod Gloss DK Sampler
To drink: Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate
To eat: Ritzy Halloween Spiders
To watch: Hocus Pocus

We hope you enjoy spending time in our Halloween Chill Zone. Have a happy and safe holiday!



  1. Laura / October 29, 2016

    Love your Halloween suggestions — especially offering something for everyone!

  2. Jenny / October 28, 2016

    Liquor and lace? Very scary