Green Yarn Sale!
“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”
Pedro Calderon de la Barca
It’s the Green Yarn Sale! Over 175 yarns are on sale, up to 40% off! Give your stash a refresh with botanical hues the likes of spruce, lichen, avocado, & more.
Knit Picks Green Yarn Sale

Knit Picks Dishie Multi cotton yarn in Caterpillar

Knit Picks Dishie Multi in Caterpillar

Since I was a child, my favorite color has always been some shade of green. Back then, I think it was because it reminded me of the excitement I would feel every March, when the snow that had been covering our yard finally melted, exposing the sprouting signs of spring. The smell of fresh cut grass, the unfurling leaves on the trees, the baby buds on the lilac bushes. The reemergence of green meant the ability to play outside again all day, without having to pile on layers of winter gear. In a nutshell, renewed freedom! As an adult, I still find myself appreciating the beauty of this color spectrum. If you need any proof, just look in my closet.

Knit Picks green yarn sale


Going through a green period? Me, too! Although it might be a fair statement to say that I am perpetually in a green period. A teal, spearminty, sagebrushy period. From sweaters, to pillows, to hats, give me ALL the green things. I’ve gathered a few patterns here that showcase the lush spectrum of green yarns that we carry, for your budding creative inspiration.

Double Leaf Cowl
Knit Picks Double Leaf Cowl

Knit in Preciosa Tonal worsted in Bonsai

Hearthside Throw
Knit Picks Hearthside Throw

Knit in Wool of the Andes Superwash bulky in Aurora Heather

Sunwheels Pullover
Knit Picks Sunwheels Pullover

Knit in Capretta yarn in Sagebrush

Toot Sweet Socks
Knit Picks Toot Sweet Socks

Knit in Mighty Stitch worsted in Spruce

Rique Raque Scarf
Knit Picks Rique Raque Scarf

Knit in Luminance Lace in Thoughtful

Zagged Cowl
Knit Picks Zagged Cowl

Knit in Wonderfluff in Jade

With sooo many chromatic options to choose from, your perfect shade of green awaits!