Garment and Accessory Books We Love

Sometimes I marvel at the craft world – about how many people are knitting, how many more people want to learn, and about how many amazing collections of knitwear  and crochet designs there are in the world. Will my queue ever get manageable? Will I ever think to myself, “I haven’t seen anything lately I really want to make”? Probably not.

knitting books

So many books cross my desk here at Knit Picks, and so many of them are so striking, offering crafters a chance to make something truly breathtaking. With all books currently at 40% off in our book sale, I thought I’d highlight 3 books that I thought are really something special.


First up, is Fair Isle and Nordic Knits by Nicki Trench.  If you’re a knitter, at some point you’ve probably admired the intricacies of Scandanavian knitting, but what I love about this book is how modern everything looks.  There’s garments for men and women, and the cutest accessories (like the one above) that will have you casting on again and again. The photography is so beautiful. I want to make everything! Also, if you love colorwork knitting and need to bump up your stash, note that Palette yarn is 20% off this month! What a treat.


If you crochet, sometimes it’s hard to find a book of really lovely garments. When I saw Custom Crochet Sweaters by Dora Ohrenstein, I had to do a double take, since so many of them look like knitwear!


Elegant and timeless, these are crocheted sweaters you’ll reach for time and time again. They seem perfect for every season.


Finally, if you[‘re looking for fresh, young, and fun garments, look no further than Learn to Knit, Love to Knit by Anna Wilkinson. The designs in this book range from simple to more complex. The color palette is dreamy, and everything looks so whimsical!


I’ve had this simple T-shirt (with just enough colorwork) in my queue for ages. Maybe this Spring I’ll make it in Stroll Brights Pucker and Hawthorne Fingering Kettle Dye in Compass. What do you think?

I hope I’ve introduced to you some books you may have previously overlooked. With 40% all titles, it’s hard to overlook adding a book to your cart at check-out. One of them just might become a favorite, a book you go to again and again, for inspiration. In today’s crafting world, there’s no shortage of that! That much, I know.